Aging In Place Services

Make your home more accessible as you grow older with
help from our in-house MBIPC and NAHB certified contractor.


William Ellis Company is certified as an Aging in Place specialist according to rigorous standards and practices.

Aging-In-Place Specialists

Our associates will meet with you to determine what changes are necessary to make their homes more elderly-friendly.

From simple things such as grab bars, to first-floor master suites, William Ellis Company works with you to help you make the right choices.

After the meeting we will provide you with a work proposal, and we will be happy to perform the services you request. Our goal is to help people comfortably live out their later years in their same homes.


Convenience and safety go together when you are planning a bathroom based on universal design. You should choose an open floor plan with wide doorways and room to maneuver around the space.  A 5-foot turning radius allows a wheelchair full access to all areas of the bathroom. 

Many older homeowners face physical limitations that make bathing and toileting more challenging. Bathrooms need to be safe spaces, as bathroom falls injure many seniors every year. Sharp corners, tight spaces and slick surfaces can be dangerous. 

Exterior solutions

If you can’t keep your entire living space on the first floor, consider installing a chair lift to help you reach the second story if you begin to have difficulty walking up and down steps.

When it comes to the entryway, a custom ramp can be constructed to facilitate an accessible path to the front of the home, providing at least one no-step entry into the home. Non-slip flooring in the entryway can also be added to further ensure safety.

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